Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Dribble Drabble Wibble Wobble....... Thud!

Shards of Flesh

The grass seemed greener, the sky blue felt richer, the moon glowed brighter. Everything fell into place. Nothing could go wrong. Being on cloud nine. the universe revolved around a single sun. The abundant mirth of tiny things, the sequence of mischievous winks, the shivers of those tender touches.

What an illusion!!!!

Happiness - FTW 

Happiness is that random fantasy in life created to make you want it, want it so bad that you end up being unhappy for the most part of your life.
What if we could just ignore the existence of happiness? Would that make our life easy?

What is happiness? Happiness for me is the emotion that arises when your expectations are matched by the event. It is that feeling when the people around you match your expected frequency. Happiness is achieving something further than your expectations.

Lord Krishna in his unfathomably deep philosophy ‘Bhagvad Geeta’ says ‘Do your deeds and don’t expect any results’ which kind of matches in here. What if you never expected anything out of anything you did? You could never be unhappy!

So, why should we not fuck this shit and not bother about anything, just do our stuff and leave it all to the so called Almighty to keep the balance skewed!

The Evil Within!

I am not the one you thank
I am not the one you want
I am not the one you think
I am not the one you wish
I am not the one you dream
I am not the one you feel
I am not the one you love
I am the one who killed your dove!!!

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