Saturday, July 19, 2014

Blood Shackles

The right to live life on your terms is something that you should be born with. It is okay if I have to be fed, to be held, to be taught till I grow up or when I grow old - but- I still have the right to live my years of independence with my choices.
It becomes even more difficult when the people who 'own' you can not just let go. There is a reason why all these family soaps have run for ages. It is the battle for control, the tactics and the strategies to cripple your target into submission that are formulated, executed and revered.
'Family' - the concept - has its origins to ancient civilization and is still a consequential part of society all over the world. Family, if you go very basic, is group of individuals staying together to help each other survive. Add love, compassion to it and things like rights and duties emerge. Emotions are an integral part of the human psychology and hence with more emotions into the mix, the complications multiply.
The definition of Family has changed over the years due to continual exposure to this deadly mixture of complicated emotions called relations. This has led to concepts of moral liability or emotional ownership that in turn have made this cordial in-habitation a ghastly affair. 
The individualism has been lost in this congregation of egos and expectations. The identities have either been lost or are so blurred that 'identity-crisis' sounds like a primordial definition. These people with identities in 'no-man's-land' are highly susceptible to influence -good or bad. 
The solution to this is not breaking the shackles and walking away. Giving back the help you got when you were incapable is your moral responsibility and you can not shrink away from it. The catch here is having the choice to give it back in the way you prefer!

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