Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Rock Bottom

There are moments in your life when you want to run away from everything. There are moments when you would be unnoticeable. That you just want to be forgotten like the floods that rocked us a decade back or like the bullets Kasab sprayed. There are these moments when you think you have actually hit rock-bottom.

That brings me to ‘rock-bottom’. How would I define rock-bottom? I don’t really know! Is it something that you reach when you have failed miserably or is it something that you did not account for? Rock bottom, for me, is that ocean trench you never fathom. The deeper you fall every time, you think you have hit the sand and you try and get up and fight back until the next time when you know that this time it is surely deeper.

That is surely depressing. Depression is probably an expression of knowledge that the trench is much deeper than what you thought. And that, according to many ‘gurus’, should be enlightenment. Enlightenment or self-realization, probably, is knowing where exactly you lie amongst the co-ordinates of the universe.

Expression is to exhibit. Exhibitions are to be seen carefully to understand the thought behind the charade. And sometimes the fascia is cleverly painted to work exactly the other way. The mind is a processor of a trillion thoughts at a time. Some are known while most are just there and to be paint one like that, you need to be focused.

Focus is the key that mostly unlocks success. But is it success that keeps you away from hitting rock-bottom? Or is it that you are always on the sand bed, devising criteria in your head that become the ladder you would want to climb out to be a success?

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