Thursday, March 6, 2014

My date with a SuperModel!

I couldn’t sleep that night – I was nervous. I was supposed to spend a good lot of time with this beauty tomorrow. You know you have to prepare a lot for a date and I did not want to goof up for the zillionth time. I know bikers are dim-wits but I was hell bent on getting this one right – you don’t get such chances every other day right?

They said she is bad-ass, but, I still went on reading about her. Frankly, it was seemed as if I was going for a lot more than I could handle. Her very potential and its enormity got to the nerves of even the best – and I am just a mere mortal – a beginner. I needed some sleep. You don’t want to go red-eyed and yawning half through the day. I somehow close my eyes trying to fend away the thoughts. I knew it would be a long tiring day ahead and I should be at my best to even be considered – forget making even an impression.

There she was, dressed in bright sparkling green mixed well with touches of black. Her eyes were big and focused. Her voluptuous curves were to die for and not even the cork-screw1 could match the mix of their diversity and insanity. Her stance was well spread and planted, just like a predator preparing to pounce. Spell bound at her first sight, I could not decide if I was in awe or love!

I started the day with my poker face – holding my nerves - trying my best not to blow it. Surprisingly, she turned out to be sweet-tempered. Beyond her daunting façade, she was actually very easy to get along. As the day progressed, the grin on my face started getting wider. I was getting in to my element and pushing myself to go further and at the same time probing cautiously. The catch is not to get over-ambitious and rub her the wrong way lest you get thrown out.

But then, I had my set of charms too! Soon, she started loving the way I was treating her. (You have to learn these things over time or you end up alone on some bed2). It is real fun when you meet ‘someone’ new and you know that ‘someone’ is certainly out of your league and you still prod on that treacherous path trying to win over. In spite of a string of failures under my belt, I always look out for another opportunity to get it right.

By the end of the day, I was pretty much there. I knew how far to go (and it wasn’t even getting her miss a beat). I knew I was doing my best as we floated around, cutting through the crowd. I wanted to go unspotted, but then, with someone like her, you are going to get noticed. And when that happened, I absorbed every bit of the lime-light in the most gentlemanly way I could.

It was evening and she had to go back and I could not stop myself from being sad. I was just getting to know her and probably needed some more time (count them in years) to get into her league and I knew we would have a ball together. As I left her, I was engrossed in thoughts – thoughts about life as such (No - I am not going to cry).

Ta-da!!! Happy realization! 

I agree that super-models are something you always aspire to have. But then, what is the point if you cannot savour the company – except that you have something to boast about! (It’s a different case for the ‘experts’). For somebody like me, it would better to date the girl next door while I inch my way up to the ‘expert’ league. I am certain it would be a lot more fun!

PS : All this while I was talking about the lady in green – the Kawasaki ZX14R – the mothership of motorcycles across the globe!
1 – Cork Screw : Laguna Seca
2 – Hospital Bed                     

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Aniket Mokal said...

am a fan of urs bro.... ;)

every biker dreams abt it...


got a mixed bag of feelings 4 this date of urs.. hpy as well JEALOUS :P