Saturday, September 28, 2013

Altruism : The Beginning of the Doom!

It has been a debate for centuries whether Populist governments are better or Capitalist. There have been a million theories based on economics, statistics or just plain lack of foresight and ability to think (e.g. Indian National Congress).

The basic human nature unlike all animals on the planet, due to his unnecessary intelligence, is to put in just enough effort to push him through the times of difficulty. If something comes easy, we will be the first ones to grab it and n that process even hurt others. The self proclaimed intelligence of the human race has created two kinds of people that live, the one who earns his living and the one who sees to it that he gets fed!
In India, through our well designed education syllabus and its contents, it has been imbibed on our tender minds that Capitalism is Evil and social good is the most selfless and hence the most gratifying act towards God! These socialist ideologies have been systematically inserted by our visionary freedom fighting leaders, thus, building a plinth of corruption and thanklessness in our souls.

Like the Church has slowly and steadily, glorified and justified their versions of Bible and called it the ultimate truth; like the Islamic Hardliners projected every disagreement as a basis of Jihad, like the Hindu priests who twisted caste as birth than skill, the self-proclaimed and projected first family of the country has strategically made M K Gandhi, J N Nehru, Indira Gandhi and now Rajiv Gandhi our national heroes. Anybody even close to gaining more popularity than them has been either killed in mishaps or tried for graft or accused of being communal.

Coming back to the topic, a majority of the people on this planet is of the second type as it is easier being that. In Europe and West, the monarchs were strong and wise. They were people of ability and will. They imbibed the win your own bread culture by keeping everybody under their leash.

In India, the leaders of the Independent state, were never the people of merit. The people of true merit had been precariously shunted or distanced. The epicentre of Satyagraha is to win the pity by self inflicted helplessness and to build a nation on such downtrodden principles has led slide of the country of riches.

The socialist policies of the nation have tried to ensure security of Roti, Kapda and Makaan to the common man leaving him to find only one thing for himself - sex! The nations perception of the fairer sex as an instrument of fulfilling sexual appetite has its roots there. We raise a hue and cry about women development and gender equality and at the same time, we use our sexes to our advantage as much as possible. The sense of security has made us so careless that we have stopped thinking about the securities of others.
Today, India has taken a step further towards its grave! The Food Security Bill and the Rural Employment Guarantee schemes are going to create a lazy, good for nothing and hence a sexually starved young India so that we get to see a Nirbhaya every now and then!

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