Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sleeping Tom

Now that I have been a part of the 'Corporate World' for almost an year now, I had expected my life and my worries to change dramatically with the money flowing in the thousands. Well I have to agree that the worries have changed and multiplied, the thousands of rupees are a mirage and the dreams that seemed just across the road, have suddenly moved away light years.
            Dreams se yaad aaya... Ohhh Somnus.. my friend and my foe.
Its been two decades since I started taking effective cognizance of my surroundings and I must say you have always been just around the corner. I have always taken pride in our friendship and enjoyed every moment it. You are the secret to my energy and cheerfulness. I owe you the peace of my life.
            But Dude... I think you should give me some space. Man it is really awkward when you are around, especially after the sun passes over my head. I just cannot ignore you when you are around but that makes me look like a lone duck in the middle of a lake i.e. cant go unnoticed.
I am really sorry to hurt you but we can have a good time when the Sun is beyond my vision. I promise to be your best friend for ever. Just help me through this.

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