Tuesday, May 8, 2012

the Scandal

It is very difficult to be yourself when you are a person with a passion to live for, guts to take the plunge, madness to not turn back living under the roof of old fashioned ideology. Passion becomes a means to waste time, guts are seen as immaturity and madness as plain foolishness. Can't live with it, neither can let it go.
It could have been a lot easier being that unambitious guy scraping his way to office everyday cutting through the hordes. It seems a lot easy to be happy with the 10% pay hike at the end of the year and a namesake position after two. a small house with a kid and a car in the parking completes the dream story.
Why can not everyone live such a simple life? Why long for those dreams who drain you by the time you achieve them well past when you wanted them or u just hit the end of the road even before that? Why to spend those innumerable nights without sleep? Why toil like a man possessed when the world is holidaying?
Lord Krishna said " as you sow, shall you reap". I know why he said that. People lived a good 150 years then and it is scientifically proven. (Lord Krishna was 80 years old and considered young during Mahabharata) He bloody had the time to wait for the seed to sprout, to stem. to grow and to fruit. Why do these laws still hold true when the lifespan of the average human has come down to a mere 70 odd years?
Now that doesn't mean you should not sow these days. had our forefather thought for a moment before bed every night, we would not have to fight with our own brethren for a piece of bread. 'As you sow, shall thou son reap'. This is just plain cheating.
Above that the famed altruists beg for the better good of everybody. Who everybody? All those somebodies who are incapable of fending for themselves? They say if each fend for himself, we are no less animals. One simple question to ask: Why the duck do you want to play God? The nature made these rules, just follow them. You used your 'intelligence' and see where we are? A piece of paper that you wave and call money, not a square inch of mother earth to call your own, tons of gunpowder you call strength. Your intelligence was a better moniker for your greed. Greed for more happiness, more comfort, more tangibles.
At the end of the day, you still sleep unsatisfied and make me do the same !

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