Sunday, April 10, 2011

why i want to be an entrepreneur???

Every ambitious person somewhere down the line in his/her life, wants a kingdom of his own where he works the way he likes, on what he likes, when he likes. Some of them try and reach so much up the corporate hierarchy that rules no longer bind them while some create an institution of their own where they make the rules. I want belong to the latter someones.

An enterprise is an extension of the persona of the entrepreneur. Whatever the law may say, different entity or multiple-ownership or something else, it is the manifestation of the entrepreneur’s ideas. Entrepreneurship gives you the joy of creating, a feeling of a high which no other drug can match. When you look at your enterprise while it steadies itself in this world, you know why your mother smiled when she saw you walking for the first time.

Being an entrepreneur, you have the freedom of choice. The risk is all yours to take, while the life of many is at stake. This is the thrill of life. Every decision you take affects somebody, in a good or a bad way. It is all up to your discretion whom you please and whom you appease. Manipulating people, situations and circumstances to suit your aim is one of the most challenging tasks. Staying true to your own self, your enterprise and the society at the same time is even more challenging.

Entrepreneurship gives you the GOD-like feeling. You know people depend upon you for their food and future. They look up to you to show them direction. You know you cannot fail them for the trust they have in you and yet you know that you are never equitable with them on the remuneration side as it eats into your profits.

As an entrepreneur I have to fight both for the good, the bad and the ugly. On one hand you want to do public good but on the other hand wealth maximization is your primary aim. This is the metaphor of life. You contradict yourself and still stand in front of the mirror with the head held high. You try to convince yourself through all the yoga sessions you take for stress reduction therapy.

I want to be an entrepreneur to feel the joy of creation, to feel the high of being the driving force, to feel the satisfaction of doing things right, to feel ‘I am God’ and at the end of the day I don’t want to feel the need of convincing myself.

I want to be an entrepreneur to express myself, to help the unambitious with a means of life, to be able to give the ambitious some support to achieve their dreams and at the end of the day be rich and respected!!!

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