Saturday, May 16, 2009

GOD, No GOD, Whose GOD?

So, here I am with the ever-green debate - GOD or NO GOD!

Being an atheist, I believe GOD is nothing but a creation of the human brain.

Man was a nomad, a wanderer, since when it all began. Small groups of people moved together where there always was one person, an alpha male, who controlled the group.
As the groups began to expand due to progeny, or when more than one groups that joined hands, it became more difficult to move along, leading to settlements. Controlling a larger population was becoming more and more difficult with the basic human tendency to override the rules as per convenience. The group leaders needed something to scare people to follow the code. They decided to put forth something that would frighten the people to follow the rules to avoid the wrath. This was GOD.

According to me this is the origin of GOD. If you try and relate, the Jews, Persians, Hindus, they have Rain, Fire, Wind gods - all forces of nature and beyond Human control.
Recent religions like Christianity or Islam propagate a One-God theory - single point control of all parameters - based more on the contemporary ideas of Emperors.

A very good friend of mine once said that even scientists and scholars haven't been able to find a single mistake or a wrong concept in the Holy Book of Quran, even in today's context - the age of scientific and intellectual advancement. Taking into account the fact that the prophecies were documented over a millennium and a half ago, it has to be the word of GOD passed on to a human.

Let us consider case of Einstein. It is said that he could use only 11% of his brain. His Theory of Relativity has been the Holy Grail - something that has been very apparent but still not decoded completely. If  the Prophet Mohammed could use, say, 15% of his brain; it is quite possible that his ability to decipher the nature and imagine things is way beyond our grasp and hence inexplicable.

Similarly, we have Jesus. But there is an interesting twist to this tale. Jesus was supposedly no Holy Being when he lived. The Church has been instrumental in creating his Godliness. Also, it is said that the Church has altered the Bible for many years after the existence of Jesus and that is probably why it seems to be a bit more evolved as compared to Islam. But again, the Evangelism is one thing that has been the root of many evils that have been eclipsed by the fallacies of others and some good public relations management. This evangelism is the beginning of fanaticism where the need to impress other's with the good of your religion makes you believe it to be the ultimate truth while anything else is always flawed. The Islamists have taken this a bit more violently (true to its desert origins where you were always at war!)

Surprisingly, Buddhism, one of the most recent religions, is one of the most harmless religions ever.

If we go on tearing down every religion, we could bicker for ever. Your belief in God is your choice, belief in what God - also your choice, so why not be happy with it and be content. When you go on to preach how good your God is and why some one should choose the same, you are crossing into the other person's boundaries which leads to conflicts.

Which makes me think GOD, who was created to make life of humans easier is ending up killing them instead. And if there really was a God like God around, we wouldn't have gone wrong so badly!

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