Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Dance of Democracy

The daily, Times Of India, carries a section these days "Dance of Democracy".
some times i wonder about this democratic government of India and the first emotion that comes out is of a nostalgia combined with deep irritation and a surge of hatred more towards homicide.
and for me, the real culprits are "we people".
    "we people" who prefer to go out on a long holiday, an EC gift, and license the politicians to enjoy a longer holiday of 5 years.
    "we people" go to the streets to protest reservetions, terrorism, but do not vote to change the root causes.
    "we people" want everything to be hunky-dory without even making an effort to decide the helmsman.
    "we people" want the world to be a better place, and want somebody else to do it.

ohhhhh, the 'dance of democracy' !
  more than $1400 million are stashed in swiss banks.
    almost twice in hawala.
the free land is either registered with any politician or his kin.
  no further scope left to launder money.
so we ask for foreign investments.
   charity is the best investment.
      education and medication, evergreen fields; owned by the politician lobby.

the 'DANCE OF DEMOCRACY'........

and we still expect these corrupt souls to plan our ''common man"s betterment.........
are "we people" mad???????

now that the elections are over........
u will see the real ballet of democracy.....
u will see how gracefully parties change alliances to be in power...
how votes are sold... and how they are bought........

and then you will say....... i knew this would happen and so i dint vote........
and then no one can argue with you.....

and you leave yourself to bear the economic slowdown
and drain urself for every penny
and fight for survival

coz that is what "we people" deserve
for not coming forward to change things.
for letting go the power to vote.

"we people" need a HITLER or a MUSSOLINI,
who will strip everyone of their wealth and fill the GOVERNMENT coffers as if they are his own...

and then you will know where you made mistakes
and then it will be too late.
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