Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Just a Thought

'Commit all your crimes when HE is batting because even God is busy watching the magic' read a placard in the stadium.

The fiery fast pacer came charging and hurled his heart after the cherry. 

HE just took a firm step forward and caressed it with finesse between the helpless spectators on the field while the crowd rose in awe - another TON by the master blaster!
How many times have we seen this - a hundred times? a tad more or less than that - but - does it matter?

What do I say about the stature of this man - the eternal simplicity of thought, behavior, and everything -
everything we dream should be happening with us every time.
The lesser mortals - the rest of us have ruined our life with complexities en route the road to make our life better... 

For me, simplicity is the mother of complexity and the solution to it! The most complex situations have the simplest answers and this is not just a co-incidence.
Such is nature, the nature of life, ours and the one around us!

All revolutions were brought around for the want of a simple change.. a change in thought, a change in society, a change in the way of life, a change in power, a change in faith.

So why do we end up making things complex for the want of simplicity???
That makes me think of our own selves to be the biggest enemy. I guess it is this that separates people like us and the likes of SRT or BUFFET or EINSTEIN.
We do everything - apply all logics,speculate and calculate,but, forget the basics.

The basics of what we really want. If what we really want is required, the course of action justified? See? I am again adding to the complexities.
We probably have lost our way of clear thinking under the banner of evolution.
Is this really evolution??? or should I say - Devolution???
I guess all we want is to be happy someway or the other. But, is there a way to be happy - a way that is defined and applicable to the common man???
I guess retrospection, self realisation and implementation are some tried and tested tools to happiness - long lasting and easy to find.

Here is the million dollar question - Is it really easy???

I would say Yes - you should just have the patience and persistence.
Which brings me to the PATIENCE - a quality that most of us, the fast and the furious generation, lack.
I am not trying to criticize, but, some facts cannot be overlooked.
Ahhh, is it becoming too spiritual? But then its worth giving a thought - isn't it?

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