Monday, December 7, 2015

8 things to avoid for #ResponsibleTourism

  1. Do not litter. Carry a litter sack or at least a spare plastic bag if you gonna be munching.
  2. Do not deface. Nobody gives a fuck about that heart you drew on the wall of that 200 year old monument.
  3. Do not unnecessarily touch things. Apart from saving yourself from getting a million unknown bacteria on you, it also slows the wear and tear of your surroundings, especially for delicate ecologies or monuments.
  4. Do not click pictures of hot chicks. Yes this is for you guys out there. Sure there are a lot of hot chicks around. The max you can do is have a good look at them and jack off later in the day. No clicking or even an attempt to touch.
  5. Do not break rules. No, it is not macho to break rules. You are a jerk if you do that. These days girls like boys who have a head on their shoulders, not a dick.
  6. Do not stay holed up in your hotel. You are touring for experiences. Feel the air, heat and the spices and local delicacies. No five-star property can give that to you.
  7. Do not cause trouble/confusion if you cannot help. Listen, analyse, wait for a moment and react.
  8. Do not dress like you are walking a ramp. Not because you are not awesome, but because you are not walking a ramp. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Don't do the Romans!

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